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HYGEIA brings a genre-bending sound to their local scene in Fort Collins, Colorado. The three-piece progressive hard-rock band is made of vocalist Hannah Rust, guitarist Bran Schneider, and drummer Thomas Culp. Since the band formed in 2020, HYGEIA has proven to have immense sonic diversity in their music. Since their viral anthem “collarbones”, their unique sound has charted them into the spotlight of bands and listeners around the globe.


Their latest release “Femme”, is the most unrivaled and ambitious track HYGEIA has offered their fanbase to date. Showing their willingness to push the boundaries of music. Throughout the bloodied-up “Femme” music video, HYGEIA symbolizes the sexualization and unpleasantries of women through the gore and bleak lyrics. HYGEIA puts no limits on their perception of hard-rock music and will time and time again break expectations about what they will do next.


As HYGEIA’s music circulated and the viral hits spread like wildfire, their individualistic sound garnered the attention of a variety of music listeners and a loyal fanbase. Their expansive, larger-than-life anthems continue to grow along with their followers, with the goal of connecting people together and embracing their human commonality.

"collarbones" - (Music Video)

"collarbones" - (Music Video)

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